Using SEO For Leads For Profits


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As of late the interest in Search Engine Optimization has skyrocketed. This isn t surprising considering the state of the economy and that every marketer s favorite four letter word just happens to be free. Obviously , getting visitors to one’s site is essential to its success. Achieving a high page rank is vital for success, and marketing your site is one of the apsects that allow you to get ranked in the first place.

SEO was seen before as too taxing and complicated for the majority of marketers to endeavor on their own, and few had the currencyessential to hire a company to do this for them .

It’s crucialto at least know a minute bit about SEO, and can actually be much more simple than previously believed. If you followed the other steps in my guide to free traffic series, you should have no problem getting visitors and reeling them in. Having a working knowledge of SEO is integral to establishing a thorough game plan for getting your site noticed, and one more tool you need to have in your tool belt. Frankly, using SEO to capture leads and get visitors is an overlooked and underestimated practice.


The following is a short collection of tactics for using SEO to create both a short term strategy or a more long-lasting one:

-Start with a proper domain name ! If you’re wishing to rank for a certain keyword, get yourself a domain name that has that keyword in it; sounds simple but many people take no notice of this rule completely.

Now when trying for a particular keyword attempt to keep your efforts somewhat defined. Trying to capture a word that is too general will not only make it difficult to rank but also be problematic in directing the proper sort of visitor to you.

– Also: the domain you pick out needs to be .com, .net or .org domain. Don t waste your time with anything else.

-Use namecheap or GoDaddy for your domains. It really won’t matter which one.

For hosting- Blue-Host or Hostgator are the two best out there; the key deviceyou need is a hosting service that utilizes a CPanel interface. (It will say if it does.)

– Use properly named pages on your site by including keywords in the URL or page name but do not spam the URL with a bunch of keywords. A properly named page/URL ( should tell a visitor that by visiting this link they will get information about selling grills. The improper way to name a page would be ( what the heck is page one going to be about then right?

When you are developing content on your site so you can get it more easily ranked, make it a priority to do a little internal linking . This means fashion links in your content to different content on your site. Google and the search engines love this.

These are merely a few of the creucial elements required to making certain your site is ready to rank in the search engines; now you have to set out driving traffic to it.

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