5 Ways to Save Money on Kitchen Remodeling

An outdated design may  cause your kitchen to feel tired and unwelcoming. With all the activities that takes place in the kitchen such as preparing food and social gatherings, it is important to make it look appealing and welcoming to all the people that enters the home.

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The kitchen is indeed the busiest room of the house making homemakers like you want it to be warm, welcoming, and as stylish as possible. However, your budget may be limited forcing you to choose which items to update, replace, or revamp when remodeling a kitchen. To cut out some expenses, consider these 5 smart and easy ways to save money on kitchen remodeling.

  1. Check the status of your appliances. Before deciding to replace all of your current appliances, take time to check each to know if there are some which you can retain. Prioritize according to their functionality status. If the appliance is in good condition then it is best to keep it. Instead of buying for new appliances, consider redesigning them to make them look new and have them complement the new kitchen design.
  2. Repaint old appliances. One of the easiest ways to restyle an appliance is to repaint them. There are appliance paints which you can buy in hardware stores that allow you to choose variety of colors and finishes. You can use a metallic bright red to spray or brush on your electric kettle for your retro themed kitchen. You can also use a chalkboard paint for your large appliances like a refrigerator to make it a writable surface that allows you to write grocery lists or let your child enjoy drawing while you cook dinner.
  3. Check for replacement panels. You don’t have to change the overall look of the appliance. You can replace some parts to match them to the new design of your kitchen. Some manufacturers sell replacement parts which you can use to install your desired color on the appliances. There are also customize shops that can make the panels to the specification you need.
  4. Peel and stick films. Personalize and add more fun in your kitchen design with different patterns and prints. You can use stainless steel films which look authentic and work best for industrial theme kitchen. There are also adhesive vinyl films which give you more option to restyle the appliances is a selection of different colors, prints, and texture to choose from.
  5. Install Wood Panels. Another alternative to save money on remodeling your kitchen is with the use of wooden panels. This is practical especially for large appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerator as they are one of the most expensive appliances to buy. Install wooden panels that complement to the look of the room and hide your old appliances inside them. This not only integrates your appliances to your new kitchen design but is also a trick to make appliances look built-in.

Remodeling a kitchen is fun, exciting, and can be overwhelming. I hope you find the ideas I’ve shared above helpful and use them in your kitchen remodeling project. Enjoy!

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Does At-Home Laser Hair Removal Work Well?

One more new product has striking the market, the at-home laser hair removal technique. A product that can help users eliminate unwanted hair permanently.

One more new product has striking the market, the at-home laser hair removal technique. A product that can help users eliminate unwanted hair permanently, mimicking similar effects as that from the professional ones found in clinics and medical spas. 

Developed maybe because of the buzz of its professional predecessors, this particular at-home aqua laser hair removal device will definitely fascinate many types of would-be customers. 

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The trend when it comes to going without hair has forced the restrictions of hair salons too using the services they provide. Where by formerly they had very basic waxing assistance, now their particular lists have widened to accommodate other, all the more individual wishes. In addition, lately, they cater to men too. The buzz has bitten attractive potential partners with fervor that’s catching up for the women’s. 

This new at-home laser hair removal product will most likely not generate a large dent during the professional hair removal business, there are certainly too many who definitely are obtaining all those services. It is going to definitely be a benefit for those who are struggling to maintain the expense of waxing and also saving up for professional laser hair removal. Of course, even through these complicated occasions, women relatively are able to get their proper grooming performed. And also, laser hair removal, an even more long-lasting alternative-albeit costlier-is also feeling a stable progression. Most people, men, women, or even much younger individuals, are getting the method despite the cost.

The newest at-home aqua laser hair removal devices cost just a fraction of the professional treatment options; moreover, this will afford the user a degree of privacy that’s difficult in a commercial, professional environment. Also, arranging usefulness also is a factor. As the saying goes, time is money; it’s worth money for you to really make it to specific visits for a treatment, although, with an at-home device, you can receive your treatment anytime at your comfort.

There will be only a few of such at-home laser hair removal units out in the market at this moment so competition for the consumer’s attention is fierce. Nevertheless, while their capabilities and functions change the end goal is identicalBusiness Management Articles, the freedom through the consistent worry over undesirable hair.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigns as head of IMF

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has resigned as the head of the International Monetary Fund after he was arrested and charged with sexually attacking a chambermaid at a hotel in New York. In a statement to the executive board of the IMF, he said he was resigning from his position “with immediate effect” to “devote all my strength, all my time, and all my energy to proving my innocence.” Officials at the IMF said they would soon be releasing information about his successor.

In the statement to the board, he said it was “with infinite sadness” that he had to resign, and paid tribute to the IMF. “To all, I want to say that I deny with the greatest possible firmness all of the allegations that have been made against me,” he said.

The politician is currently being held at the notorious Rikers Island, where he has been put on suicide watch, after a judge at a court in Manhattan denied him bail for fears he was a flight risk after he reportedly tried to flee the country on a passenger jet. In court earlier this week, where Strauss-Kahn appeared tired, he denied the charges against him and offered $1,000,000 bail, but the judge refused.

Prosecutors allege Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted a chambermaid at a luxury hotel near Times Square. “The maid described being forcibly attacked, locked in the room and sexually assaulted,” a spokesperson for the New York Police Department said.

Detectives said the politician was detained in the first class cabin of the Air France passenger plane which was minutes from leaving for Paris. Strauss-Kahn had reportedly fled the hotel “in a hurry” after the attack, leaving a number of personal effects behind. He was charged with committing a criminal sexual act, attempted rape, sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching.

Investigators have this week continued to search the hotel room where the alleged attack took place, removing a piece of carpet in the suite which they hope will prove the allegation by the chambermaid that he forced her to have oral sex. Benjamin Brafman, the lawyer defending Strauss-Kahn, said forensic evidence found in the room at the Sofitel New York hotel “will not be consistent with a forcible encounter”.

Strauss-Kahn is to make another court appearance to plead for bail again this morning, Brafman said; the defence is reportedly considering telling the judge he will surrender his passport, wear an electronic tag, and remain under strict living conditions.

The IMF has said it will soon release information about Strauss-Kahn’s successor; John Lipsky, the deputy head, has been acting as head since the arrest at the weekend. The incident comes at a critical time for the IMF as it tries to the financial states of struggling eurozone countries. Strauss-Kahn was meant to discuss the bailouts of Greece and Portugal with European Union financial officials at a meeting in Brussels earlier this week.

Before his arrest he was expected to announce his candicacy in the race for the French presidency, and analysts suggested he posed a real threat to Nicolas Sarkozy, but the charges will likely put and end to the hopes of his supporters.

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Teenager faces murder charges after throwing a brick at motorway

Monday, July 3, 2006

A 15-year-old, whose name has not been released for legal reasons, is in court charged with murder after he dropped an eight-kilogram concrete block on a car and killed the driver.

Christopher Currie was driving along Auckland‘s southern motorway in a Honda Civic car last August when the concrete block smashed through the windscreen killing him instantly.

“[The] accused stood on the over bridge and timed the release of the concrete block to hit a car passing underneath” prosecutor Aaron Perkins told the High Court. The accused was positioned so that the driver was unable to see them and take evasive action. They later ran from the scene of the crime and bragged to friends about it.

The defence says that the accused did not mean to murder anyone.

There were three other passengers in the car which the Crown is scheduled to call on to give evidence, along with 33 other witnesses.

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How To File For Divorce In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Deciding that you want to separate from your spouse or partner can be an incredibly difficult decision, but once you’ve made the choice it’s important to know how to go about getting a divorce so that you can move on with your life. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has specific laws regarding marriage and divorce which will become significant when you attempt to contact a divorce attorney in Harrisburg in order to gain more information on how to go about beginning the process. While trial separations are never easy, knowing which steps to take can help make the process significantly easier and more manageable while you try to figure out how to proceed.

First and foremost, it is important to know the difference between a ‘legal separation’ and a ‘divorce’. A legal separation is just that – a marriage between individuals who wish to separate. A divorce dissolves all legal relationships between two people. If you know for certain that you wish to receive a divorce, then it will be important to know where to locate a divorce attorney Harrisburg, since negotiating in court without an attorney can be difficult and will probably reflect poorly on you unless you are well-versed in legal vernacular.

The first step which your divorce attorney in Harrisburg will recommend will be to file a petition for divorce. Once the petition has been filed, the process will have begun, and your spouse will be given a specific number of days to respond to the petition. Once your spouse replies, the clerk of the court will either set a date and time for the two of you to meet in court and discuss your case in front of a judge, or arrange a time for mediation where you and your spouse will be able to attempt to come to amicable terms of agreement on division of property and possessions.

Having negotiated your terms with your divorce attorney in Harrisburg, you will be prepared for all eventual outcomes resulting from the judge’s opinion of your case, or your negotiations with your spouse. If all goes well, you should find yourselves divorced from one another, and ready to proceed with the rest of your independent lives. If you do not feel that a fair conclusion was reached in your divorce, you may ask to have the case returned to trial for reinvestigation.

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News briefs:August 2, 2010

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Switzerland is voting on same-sex partnerships and Schengen/Dublin

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Switzerland is voting today on their quarterly federal referenda over same-sex partnerships and the Schengen/Dublin treaty. Both proposals were popular initiatives made by the Swiss people.

The first question is whether same-sex partnership should be legalised throughout the country. Already the cantons of Geneva and Zürich allow same-sex partnerships, however this proposal will cover the country including the conservative north-eastern cantons of Graubünden and Appenzell. In fact Appenzell Innerrhoden only allowed women the vote at cantonal level in 1990 by the Federal Tribunal of Switzerland.

Essentially, this proposal will allow gays and lesbians the right to have joint taxes, pensions and inheritance. To qualify, partners must both live together and formally commit themselves six months in advance to running a household and supporting and aiding one another.

The second proposal will make Switzerland be a member of the Schengen treaty and participate in the “open-borders” scheme. Supporters say it would encourage tourism and make visiting much easier, especially after the row over Swiss-German border a few months ago. Together with the Dublin treaty, it would make Switzerland join a bilateral agreement to stop asylum seekers having to seek asylum in Switzerland after claiming asylum in an agreement country such as Germany or France.

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

Opponents say this proposal will set Switzerland on a slippery slope into the European Union, not give Switzerland the right to its own borders and compromise the country’s strict and engrained neutrality.

Out of the big 4 main parties, the centre-left Social Democrats, the liberal-right Free Democrats and the centre-right Christian Democrats have said yes to both proposals. However, the populist-right Swiss People’s Party have said no to both proposals

Results will start being available today in the early evening.

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Australian volunteer firefighters kept busy on New Year’s Day

Sunday, January 1, 2006A massive bushfire that was threatening West Victorian towns of Great Western, Armstrong, Moyston, Pomonal, Halls Gap and Ararat has stopped spreading due to heavy rainfall giving firefighters their first relief in two days. Meanwhile, two major fires have broken out on the New South Wales Central Coast, North of Sydney with another in Sydney.

The Victorian fire has destroyed 5 homes in the Stawell and two people have been injured when they fell down a mineshaft while fighting the blaze. Reports claim that the fire front was up to 30Km in length. Earlier today the fire was burning out of control, being fanned by strong winds. This afternoon a weather change came, dumping heavy rain over the region.

Five major fires have been reported on the NSW Central coast in the Woy Woy and Mount White regions. 50 homes are believed to be under direct threat. Residents in affected parts of Woy Woy, Umina and Pearl beaches, and Patonga, have been taken to makeshift evacuation centres at the Gosford Leagues Club and Woy Woy Bowling Club.

The Sydney Newcastle (F3 freeway) and Pacific Highway have been closed. Motorists which had been standed on the southbound carriageway of the F3 freeway were allowed through at around 6PM AEDT following fears of a wind change which could have put them in danger of the fire. Police say that the backlog was let through and the freeway remains closed.

Intercity train services North of Sydney have also been affected with the railway line closed at Berowra.

Dozens of fire crews and four water bombing aircraft were battling the blazes, according to bushfire volunteer Michael Wood, with changeable wind conditions starting spot fires nearby. Strong north-westerly wind gusts and temperatures of up to 44 degrees posed extremely dangerous fire conditions, the Rural Fire Service said.

The Woy Woy fire front was expected to make a run to Umina and Pearl Beach in the coming hours. 300 firefighters are working to contain the flames.

Cameron Wade, a spokesman for the NSW Rural Fire Service said firefighters were battling flames up to 30 metres in height, destroying several homes. A Fire Station near Woy Woy was also destroyed along with several fire trucks and volunteers cars.

Mr Wade also said that crews were being called in from Sydney and the Hunter to assist local fire crews. Six aircraft and a sky crane are also being used.

It is believed that winds in the Central Coast region are gusting at up to 60 km/h.

Another fire in the Sydney suburb of Belrose is expected to cause problems in the next few hours.

In Merimbula, on the NSW far south coast residents are being evacuated, after a fire broke containment lines.

Phill Koperberg, Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service said there were fires concern at Junee and Cootamundra in southern NSW and at Appin and Bulli south of Sydney.

According to an RFS spokesman, a house in Junee was destoyed and a farmer was hospitalised after receiving burns to 60 percent of his body. A total of five homes in the Junee area have been confirmed lost.

About 100 people have been evacuated from Junee’s outskirts amid fears that southerly winds could reach 100 kph, drastically worsening the fire situation.

Three homes on the Central Coast and three in Junee have been lost.

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Giant tuna sold for $177,000 at Japanese fish market

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This Tuesday, at a wholesale auction at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, a 512-pound bluefin tuna was sold for over sixteen-million yen ($177,000 USD). The great fish was bought and then shared by the owners of a local sushi restaurant and a Hong Kong-based dining establishment. This tuna is the most expensive fish sold on record since 2001, when a 440-pound tuna was sold for over twenty-million ($220,000) at the very same market.

When asked by local media outlets why he decided to purchase this giant tuna, the Hong Kong restaurateur said, “I want[ed] to make an impact on the Japanese and Hong Kong economies by buying the highest-priced tuna.”

This locally caught tuna was among over two-thousand others bought and sold at this bustling fish market. Japan is the world’s largest consumer of seafood per annum. With tuna being a major staple of their cuisine, the Japanese eat nearly eighty-percent of all commercially caught bluefin.

However, tuna consumption in Japan has declined over recent years due to the change in the spending habits of its people as a result of economic downturns from the most recent recession.

“Consumers are shying away from eating tuna…We are very worried about the trend,” a spokesperson for the Tsukiji market told the Associated Press.

In addition to the lack of demand and declining tuna stocks, fishermen and wholesalers worldwide are worried by the possibility of tighter fishing regulations that will be sanctioned and enforced by the Japanese government. Despite this promise, many environmentalists say that this is not going far enough; they say that the only way to curb the inevitable extinction of the Pacific bluefin tuna is to initiate a trade ban on the fish altogether.

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Film project aims to raise £1 million to make a Creative Commons-licensed film

Friday, June 23, 2006

Matt Hanson aims to raise £1 million to fund the production of a feature-length film which would be distributed freely via the Internet under a Creative Commons licence, all funded through 50,000 people each donating £25 to the project, which he’s called ‘A Swarm of Angels‘.

No stranger to filmmaking, Matt has produced numerous digital short films, a series of books on digital filmmaking and set up the digital film festival onedotzero, now in its tenth year. He wants to finally make a feature length film, and decided that it was better to turn to the Internet for help and funding rather than plod through the usual ‘development hell‘.

“I wanted to put into practice what I’ve been preaching as a film futurist for ten years, and the technology and Internet infrastructure has just really caught up with that vision now for me to put it into practice.”

The process is inspired by the ‘web 2.0‘ movement, using social and collaborative communities on the Internet. Matt doesn’t see the funding as coming from donations, but as people paying a subscription to become part of a ‘Swarm’. “Rather than the ‘many producer’ model, this is more of an [sic] ‘smart consumer’ model … members can help implement and bring their expertise into play, and so become more actively involved in the production.”

The project hopes to use professional actors and crew, but use qualified members from the swarm as much as possible. The cast and the crew, including any volunteers that get chosen, would be paid for their work on the film, with Matt suggesting that this is “a great way for people to get into the industry”.

Those members not directly involved in making the film can still participate in the process by discussing ideas on a messageboard, and having a vote on certain crucial decisions such as which script gets chosen for production. Asked how he would balance his own creative direction with input from members, Matt said “my vision will lead the project forward and define the parameters, but the Swarm can influence that, and indeed offer improvements or insights I might not think of alone”.

“Remember filmmaking is always a team effort – whether you are Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick or Jean Luc Godard, you promote people within the project that will complement and bring something extra to the vision of the film. Give it more life. With the Swarm we are making that process more democratic, and giving a wider range of people an opportunity to shine and have creative input.”

Members are promised a collector’s edition DVD of the end product and exclusive merchandise, but the main distribution of the film will be via the Internet, using ‘BitTorrent‘ and peer-to-peer networks. “Unlike many other filmmakers, I’m not wedded to cinema projection as the ‘be all and end all’ – I’m much more excited about people viewing remixed versions on their video iPods,” explains Matt.

The ‘remixing’ of the film will be possible thanks to it being distributed under a Creative Commons licence. Matt suggests that the ‘younger generation’ is more used to being involved with and interacting with entertainment, and points to remixes of the Star Wars films (eg ‘The Phantom Edit‘) as an example of these ‘mashups’. “At the end of the project I would love to have an event that showcased five wildly different versions of the film, different visions from people other than my definitive initial edit,” he suggests. The licence will be for non-commercial use only, however, and so commercial TV stations would still have to pay in order to screen the film.

The project is partly inspired by the success of ‘The Million Dollar Homepage‘, in which British student Alex Tew aimed to raise a million dollars to fund his university education, simply by selling advertising space on a single web page. The publicity surrounding the idea, coupled with the ‘viral’ effect of Internet users passing the page on, meant that he eventually managed to make himself the million dollars.

The success of these projects partly seems to depend on them being interesting and original enough to attract enough attention, and it’s often difficult to see how they could be repeated. Copy-cat versions of the million dollar homepage have so far failed to hugely take off. When asked about this idea, Matt responded “I already expect people to copy the model we are inventing with A Swarm of Angels – it’s a perfect way to create cult media, where the director gets more creative control and organically funds a project, and the fans of the project get more involvement within it. If the market gets too crowded with these projects though, then they’ll have to be packaged differently to stand out. But that’s what traditional film and media projects need to do anyway.”

Over 600 members have signed up to the ‘swarm’ so far, which Matt comments is already an early success, but 50,000 members in total will be needed in order to fully fund the £1 million budget. Matt suggests that getting to the next stage, of reaching 1,000 members, followed by the phase of getting 5,000 members, will be the hardest part, as after that the film will be more ‘tangible’. He expects to raise the full budget, but comments that if the fundraising stalls, “options will be presented by advisors and The Swarm, and based on some kind of consensus we’ll come up with the best option for moving forward.”

Traditionally, independent films are funded either through persuading wealthy individuals to invest, who sometimes are sometimes given ‘Executive Producer‘ credits, or through organisations like the UK Film Council, who award funds from the National Lottery. A tax credit for producers making small films in the UK was announced by the government in 2005, in a bid to give a boost to the UK independent film industry.

Matt says that the film will be “a thriller with soft science fiction elements”, which he says will suit his target audience. “But it will have an indie edginess to it, and be far more visually inventive than you would get with a ‘normal’ British independent feature.” Contributors to the project include artists The Kleptones, who will help with the soundtrack, comic book writer Warren Ellis and documentary filmmaker Grant Gee.

The Swarm of Angels project is online at aswarmofangels.com and costs £25 as an individual to become a member.

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