The Nanda Devi Base Trekking Tours can give you spine chilling adventures


Himalayan FrontiersHave you ever gone for a spine chilling trek and felt like living on the edge of the world? If not, it’s time to create an adventurous travelogue for yourself. Kuwari Pass Trek or Nanda Devi Treks are among the highest adventurous treks of all.

Nanda Devi is known as the second highest peak in the remote Trans Himalayan range. It will stun you with the spectacular views of the borders of Nepal and Tibet and dazzle your sight with the exotic range of flora and fauna.

About Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi is surrounded by a circle of peaks called the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. It has two summits. This snow cladded mountain is one of the most beautiful peaks in the world. It’s the highest in the Garhwal Himalayan peaks in Uttaranchal, dominating in the upper regions of kumaon.

You can visit some of the rare and popular remote places like the Bhotia villages, mysterious Lake of Roop Kund, pilgrimage site of Hardwar, mythical hill station of Nainital through the complete winding trails of Nanda Devi Base Trekking Tours.

It will also take you through the lush forests with rich biosphere at Nanda Devi National Park wild life. This Park has been declared the World Heritage Site in 1982.

Planning Nanda Devi trek

Let me tell you that you need to start your magnificent trek through the circular trail which starts and ends with Munsiyari. You can plan your itinerary from Delhi.

You can find many cost-effective ecotourism packages for Nanda Devi both online and offline. They will allow you three ways to stay at Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek. You can use tents, guest houses or local homes to stay within your budget plans.

You can also choose custom packages that allow activities like remote village trekking, glacier trekking, camping, jeep safaris etc. You might be asked to pay additionally for them.

Check lists

Take note of all the necessary things before you reach the Domain of Nanda Devi Trek.

Following are some:

– Load your backpack with warm clothes, trekking accessories, medicines and toiletries etc.

– Medical fitness is mandatory for trekking at the high altitudes.- Keep your logistics safe as you need to travel a lot. – Follow instructions of your guide.

So, buckle up your trekking shoes for a memorable journey with breath-taking sights. Don’t miss the splendid passes and pictorial meadows of Narspanpatti and the two majestic sister peaks of Nanda Devi and Nanda Devi East. Trust me, this trek is a life changing and thrilling experience for trekkers like you.

If you are a master of trekking, then Nanda Devi trek is a must for its 360 degree view of Himalayas and its vicinity. The sylvan environment and the rich majestic sights will treat your ever wandering soul and leave you stunned for your whole life.

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Nanda Devi Treks

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