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Selling is no longer an across the counter concept that one is accustomed to. It is not that across the counter deals have stopped or diminished as modes of commercial transactions, but that a new concept of trading ‘online commerce’ has emerged. Online business is a by-product of internet communication and a true representation of global marketing. It is not imperative that to engage in online trading you need to be and established trading house or commercial entity. You might very well be selling your stuff as an individual.

Understanding of E-commerce

For basic understanding of online selling store, a fair idea of e-commerce is helpful. E-commerce, the shortened form of ‘electronic commerce’ is created out of World Wide Web or Internet. Through using the Internet, products and services are bought and sold between two parties. If these two parties are both business houses then the ensuing transaction is termed B2B (business to business); if the seller is a business house and the buyer is an end user or consumer, the transaction is called B2C (business to consumer); when both parties engaged are individuals then we get a C2C (customer to customer) transaction.


Personal Online Selling

C2C transactions are perhaps the most significant form of online selling and buying of items. The Internet is perhaps the best platform to allow you to sell items of individual or personal needs after their use. For instance, as you grow up you do not have any use of your bicycle that you bought as a kid. It is not always easy to get a buyer for your used bicycle if you look around. Online selling stores allow you to advertise your product through their site so that you are able to sell your used bicycle.

Through many of these sites it is possible to barter items. CDs, DVDs, mobile handsets, household appliances and so on are typical items that could be traded or exchanged through these websites. All these are C2C e-commerce transactions that only take place between individuals or end-users.

Online Selling for Creative Artists

Creative artists are greatly benefited by online selling store concept. It is not an easy task getting buyers for wonderful clay creations or brilliant canvas paintings. Selling your stuff could become much easier if taken the assistance of World Wide Web. There are art enthusiasts scattered across cities and villages who largely remain untraced through traditional marketing methods. As it is not feasible to reach out to these unidentified pockets manually, an online approach is most preferable. Art lovers and genuine buyers are easily identified in the most cost effective manner.

Online selling stores have evolved as standard channels of commercial transactions. Leading marketing organizations and product manufacturers have their dedicated websites which they also use for selling items online. Buyers have the choice of selecting their product and buy them online thus saving the trouble of landing up at the store after spending sufficient time commuting. Convenience of shopping, ease of making choices, consulting your friends before deciding a purchase are some of the benefits of online selling.

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