Prevention Can Lead to Good News on Hearing Test


Anna Woodward

If you want the results of your hearing test to be good news, you should practice prevention. Preventative measures can make a difference between a life filled with sound and one that is lacking in this important sensory perception. Some of the ways we damage our ears could have been easily prevented by wearing protective gear or modifying the environment. Ear damage because of noise is so prevalent that it\’s been given its own acronym: NIHL. These initials stand for noise-induced-hearing-loss. More than 20 million American adults have some level of deafness because of exposure to loud noises.

It\’s All About the Decibels

A decibel, also referred to by its abbreviation of dB, is a measurement of sound intensity. Human beings can hear levels from a range of zero to 140. Speaking with a buddy is about 60 dB. Jackhammers, loud motorcycles, chainsaws, and construction equipment blast in at more than 100 db. Unfortunately, anything that is louder than 85 decibels can be damaging to your ears. If you want the results of your hearing test to be positive news, be wary of sounds and decibel levels in your environment and take precautions.


Hazardous Work Environments

Many work environments such as factories, construction sites, airports, stages, war zones, and even your front lawn can become hazardous places when it comes to excessive noise. At many factories, machines make so much noise as products get manufactured and roll along the assembly line, that the workers wind up deaf. On a construction site, there are tools, bulldozers, and equipment that blast way above safe levels in decibels. Airport workers who have the constant blare of landing gear and jet engines to contend with often wind up with NIHL. Musicians who perform on stages for crowds need amplifiers to project their electric guitars, singing, and drums. While this is great for the crowd, it\’s hard on the rock stars\’ ears as well as on the crew\’s and anyone else\’s close to the stage. War zones are hazardous in many ways and NIHL is one of them. Guns, bombs, and land mines register off the charts when it comes to decibels. While a front or back lawn of green grass may appear safe enough, the lawn mower can actually cause damage to a mower\’s ears because of the loud sounds.


It doesn\’t take much to protect your ears so you\’ll pass your hearing test with flying colors. All you need to remember is to wear ear muffs or specialized foam plugs while in this noisy environments. You can also make your world safer in terms of NIHL by turning the volume down on musical equipment, getting a muffler for your motorcycle, and purchasing a quieter lawnmower. Prevention and awareness are key; if your jobsite is noisy, ask your employer to supply ear plugs or earmuffs to all the employees. Under OSHA, employers are required to look out for their employees\’ safety.

Excessive noise can hurt your ears. If you want to get good news after you take a hearing test, practice prevention. You have the ability to just say no to NIHL.

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