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byAlma Abell

A septic tank is an important component of sewage treatment system that serves people who reside in the up country where they are locked out from the local government sewage plants and lines. A septic system ensures the transportation of waste to places where it can later be safely treated and disposed. It is basically a concrete container that is usually buried underground and is used for waste water management.

What are the signs of a defective septic tank?

1. Presence of bad smell in your compound: The presence of choking and a strange smell around your home may be a clear indication that there is something wrong with your waste water drainage.2. Stagnation of water on the ground above the tank: This shows that there is something hindering water from flowing freely. You should therefore ask for expert help to assess whether repair will solve the problem.3. Availability of overgrown plants particularly trees: Some plant roots are strong enough to break through the concrete searching for nutrients. If the plants around where tank is located are growing faster than normal, this might be an indication that they have penetrated through the concrete, and you should therefore look for an expert to assist you in rectifying the mess.

Proper maintenance of septic tanks Some of the important tips that you should follow include:

1. Enhancing proper check up and inspection of your tank regularly2. Make sure that you clean your tank often3. Regular pumping out of the sludge4. Rain water should be diverted away from the tank5. All leaking faucets and toilets should be repaired6. Keep off plants with aggressive roots from the area7. Feminine hygiene products should never be flushed down the toilet.

Who should carry out the maintenance of your tank?

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