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By Bert Dean

The totally-new CRICKET SW3 Electric Sport Vehicle —with its standard adjustable sport steering wheel, accelerator pedal, and rear shocks—was designed in direct response to consumers who were asking for a more traditional alternative to the original CRICKET ESVs tiller steering and handlebar throttle and brake controls.

The all-new CRICKET SW3 is the perfect option for folks who love the original CRICKET ESVs portability, reliability, and convenience—-but prefer the familiarity of a standard steering wheel and a traditional accelerator pedal, plus the comfort and ride stability of standard rear shocks. Parents and grandparents especially like our new CRICKET SW3, reports company vice president Carol Rushton . And the standard flip-down rear seat, which seats two kids very comfortably—easily folds down into a roomy rear carrier rack.

All-Electric, Totally Portable CRICKET SW3 is Perfect for RV Owners

RV enthusiasts absolutely love both new-generation CRICKETS, smiles CEO and founder Rick Huff. The more-powerful, more-rugged new-generation CRICKET is lightweight (just 303 lbs.), only five feet long, 32 inches wide, and folds down to only 28 inches high—so it fits easily into just about every motor home, RV, travel trailer, 5th-wheel, SUV, and pickup ever made. The CRICKET evens stows easily inside a small, 7-foot-wide horse trailer.

And, with its all-electric power that delivers 30 miles per charge, CRICKET owners can save some serious money by parking their RV when they arrive at their destination and never have to move it again until you leave. We get a lot of laughs because we advertise that the CRICKET gets 68.5 zillion miles per gallon , chuckles Rick Huff.


About the Company (

Back in 2005, after several years of manufacturing and distributing the rugged OUTBACK line of all-terrain hunting vehicles, the product development team at Ricks Specialty Vehicles introduced a truly exciting new advance in electric sport vehiclesthe CRICKET ESV, which was the worlds first ultra-portable electric sport vehicle. According to company founder and president Rick Huff, We believe that the Cricket ESV was perfectly designed to answer the ever-growing need for what we call destination mobility. Basically, its great for people who need convenient, dependable, economical transportation when theyre at a temporary destination. Mr. Huff adds, So we made the Cricket ESV super-easy to carry along with them wherever they need to go-on vacations, weekend camping trips, horse shows, trade shows, auto racing venues, all special events, et .

And now, after a long series of technological advances and constant, never-ending improvements, the company is confident that the new generation of CRICKET SW3 Electric Sport Vehicles will continue to revolutionize portable personal transportation.

Rick Huff, an avid outdoorsman, is still actively involved in designing and developing all of his companys products. Many of our Cricket owners like to camp out and attend weekend events—horse shows, auto races, bluegrass festivals, et cetera—so I came up with a way to add 50 hours of run time to their portable, gas-powered generators, explains Rick. Thats how the RSP Fuel Systems product line came to be. Mr. Huff adds: “You can bet your boots that there will be even more innovations, improvements, and enhancementsand more new productsin the pipeline for years to come.”

Cricket Owners Come from All Over America

Over the years, Rick Huff and his team have sold Cricket Electric Sport Vehicles to hundreds of satisfied owners in pretty much every state in the Lower 48. And Cricket owners have a variety of different needs and uses for their vehicles. RV enthusiasts, motor home owners, campers, bluegrass festival fans, folks in retirement communities and waterfront developments, auto racing fans, horse show or racing attendees—-the Cricket is easily adaptable to almost any need or environment, reports Rick Huff. And were expanding our marketing efforts to include large hotel and resort complexes, senior living centers, municipalities, and more work-oriented, commercial uses.

Huff indicates that his super-affordable pricing structure (currently only $3,197 for the basic Cricket SW3) has made his vehicles even more attractive during the current period of economic uncertainty.


The new CRICKET SW3 comes standard with a lot of great stuff, but owners may want to customize their vehicle with something from their comprehensive selection of accessories on the company website. And, if for some reason you dont find what youre looking for, just give them a call (1-866-798-2227) or e-mail them ( to let them know exactly what you want.

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About the Author: Veteran marketing consultant and creative guru Bert Dean is President and Founder of The Clarion Company, a regional integrated marketing communications firm in Augusta, Georgia. You can reach Bert by phone at (706) 796-7795, or via e-mail:


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