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China’s only a “Chinese Women’s Town” – Humen, adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, the center of economic corridors. Excellent location combined with a flexible operational mechanism, to form a rapid reaction of markets to industrial clusters, so that China Humen has become a major fashion production base and markets. As the materials used trendy, avant-garde style, affordable, Humen apparel sales throughout the country, are exported to overseas; Humen Women of the popular trends in the domestic industry has been recognized as a barometer of the fashion market.

Humen Town, the implementation of market-oriented apparel brand strategy. SMEs in non-public ownership economy as the main body Humen clothing, attitude varied, vibrant, after 20 years of development, particularly since the mid-90s, Humen Town, established and implemented the “clothing shangxingzhen,” “fashion city” strategy since the , the region’s production and sales as the main strengths of women’s apparel industry and the market to mutual promotion and rapid development, forming a large-scale cluster of nine industries.

One enterprise clusters: Currently, Humen town the size of more than 1,000 garment factories, in which more than 300 foreign-invested enterprises, private enterprises more than 600. Second, the market clusters: Since opening in 1993, Fumin Fashion City, since the Humen and now owns 18 large-scale professional garment wholesale market, and medium-sized cloth market 6, the market a total area of 30 million square meters. Third, store clusters: Humen Town, exclusive clothing shops and more than 8000. Fourth, industry clusters: the town more than 70 million people employed in the garment up to more than 20 million people, including private and individual business owners representing more than 3 million people. 5 the customer clusters: the formation of a daily 8.1 million customers a huge flow of people, so that not only sold to all parts of Humen garments, there are nearly 1 / 3 exported to Europe and the United States, Asia-Pacific countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.


6 transport clusters: Humen clothing market has a complete set of shipping companies 30 more than at any time by the customers requirements or vice versa, by sea, land and air through various channels, the goods shipped to the country and transit around the world. 7 is a complete cluster: the clothing production as the core, the town has formed a weaving, stereotypes, zipper, dyeing, rust and other supporting factories nearly one hundred stab home; and have hundreds of advertising professional, cultural transmission, Internet companies have emerged, in order to brand management and improve the quality of services to businesses. 8 is the product clusters: the production of mainly women’s, men’s auxiliary; mainly casual wear, formal secondary; both young and old, fashion. 9 is a labor clusters: From big market labor Humen Humen intellectual talent development center, trade unions employment agencies, employment services to achieve department, Union mediation, Humen law firms, accounting firms and other institutions.

Deeply rooted in the market economy, a reasonable structure of soil formation is the rapid development of Humen clothing must not overlook the underlying causes. From an economic component to see, private accounts for about 70%, foreign-invested enterprises account for about 30%; businesses mainly small and medium-scale Zeyi precisely in line with the fashion industry for high efficiency and fast changing requirements. From the product structure, with women’s mainly all types of clothing are available, it is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, informed embodiment of superiority; and with the main mid-range, high, medium and low-grade combination, but also for large-scale wholesale market to adapt to the presence of . Today, Humen garments Yu Yi annual production pieces (sets), the product best-selling country and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, gradually occupied the country and the world apparel market place.

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