Bird Spikes vs. Bird Netting Comparison between the 2 Bird Proof Methods


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Bird spikes are a humanitarian bird proof device, which are designed to deter roosting and nesting birds. They are used in most cities all over the world to keep birds away from sensitive locations. Many companies sell bird spikes, with several designs, and can also be spontaneous with basic materials from a hardware store.

Bird spikes are not sharp bird proof devices to cause destruction to birds. Simply screwed or glued to a surface, they function to create an unfavorable landing area so that the birds transfer to a more generous location. Birds generally avoid landing on these restraints. Even though these are plastic, they don’t depreciate above time, but are also durable and last for years. They don’t require preservation. Since they are made of transparent material, they mix together completely with the environment making them not noticeable.

Nesting birds control is a real problem for businesses as well as homeowners. Bird waste poses a real health hazard and can blow business as well as values of home, car and other properties. Though nesting birds control is important, it must be done in a safe and benevolent way failing which it may lead to violation of law. Bird spikes are perfect enough to prevent nesting birds and protect properties in a safe and legal way.

Bird control refers to bird proof methods employed to prevent pest wild birds from landing or nesting. There are a lot of bird repellent products in today s market.

Bird netting prevents pest bird droppings from corroding and destroying metal, finishes and paint. Bird netting comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate large and small birds. Many bird netting manufacturers offer flame resistant and waterproof netting for birds control which is durable and designed to withstand the elements. Bird netting is, though, more or less invisible from a distance, it is offered in a variety of colors and tones.

Bird netting is also available as bird proof for gardens, especially for protecting trees, bushes and plants from birds and other garden intruders. Larger commercial food crop growers often frame their crops by creating a netting roof over a larger site. Garden bird netting can be purchased as bags for wrapping bushes and sheets for the garden.

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