What Are Your Views On Art?


Simon Barnett

It has always seemed to me that works of art are able to brighten a life. You may not agree, but I always think it’s somewhat unfortunate when people choose to dismiss artworks, without really thinking carefully about the positive role that they can play.

Some people appear to think that great works of art weren’t really produced to be viewed by normal people. This is the view that suggests that art should be something that is there for an elite few. Although I can’t agree with such a viewpoint, it’s clear that many people do hold it to be true.It’s often used as a reason why a particular family would not consider visiting an art gallery. Let’s put to one side, for a moment, the fact that works of art really don’t need to be viewed in this way to be enjoyed. The reality is that many galleries are cheap, or even free, to enter. They are also used by people who are just like you.In fact, once you enter a gallery, you are really entering a quiet world. This is a space where you can enjoy artworks and be left with your own thoughts. To many, this is an absolutely fantastic proposition. It can represent a release from everyday life and the opportunity to relax.As I touched upon above, I don’t believe that it’s necessary to visit a gallery in order to enjoy works of art. In fact, there are many other ways of doing so. You may need to visit a gallery if you want to take a closer look at particular painting, sculpture, or other artwork. For the most part, however, you can be satisfied with the knowledge that there are other ways of really experiencing the art world.This even includes doing so in the comfort of your own home. I’m not necessarily thinking of using the Internet here, although this clearly gives you access to paintings and images from all over the world. You may not be able to visit a particular city or gallery, but there’s still the opportunity to view specific pieces that interest you.I was thinking, however, about the fact that you could commission your own pieces. In fact, this sort of approach opens up a world of possibilities for you and your family. What puts many people off taking this course of action is the thought that it is going to be expensive.Once again, we realise that we’re encountering the view that this is something that is meant for the few, rather than for the many. Fortunately, this simply needn’t be true. You’ll soon discover that you can commission works of art without needing to spend a fortune. This is clearly something that’s worth investigating.To a certain extent, art is what you make of it. It may be worth re-visiting your own views on this subject.

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