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Prepared for growth! That should be the motto of a business that wants to succeed. Its actions and even reactions/counter-actions must be well designed and well executed. Thats following a system. They put successful growth as your hallmark!

The system (the core and modular-s taken collectively) can make or break a business. Creating systems allows a business to run consistently without any particular reliance on any specific key group. In short, systems and processes make you earn leverage. Do more with less efforts and resources when you follow a system. Consistently!

So, welcome Business Process Automation! Transformative techniques, since its early stages, are a part of study and research at MarketingAcademyGroup; we help you to understand them and deploy software to help automation. Theres more playground in designing and streamlining processes (even prior to applying automation software) than you might think. We can get you started with the basic 5.


High-value areas: We will identify high-value processes for the improvement to start. These are typically the ones often broken down, requiring lots of time; inputs from a specialist absolutely the mundane stuff. You may not even know how the process works. You might just know what work goes to whom. An entire departments work is, therefore; often too large to work with successfully if a system is not established.

Docu-info inventory: After choosing the processes that need improvement, create an inventory to stock every document and information pieces being used in the process. Incoming or outgoing, you stuff them all! Each document or piece of information must have distinct information about it under the categories of identification, purpose, quantity, medium, security requirements, owner and storage location. Say, A receives a PO (of a certain figure, every week) from a customer and is stored in the file cabinet thats moved yearly to long-term storage. Half of these come on papers and the other half in electronic mail and are secured to the Accounting and the Customer Service Departments. They are retained for 5-Years. This process should be mapped following a proper strategy and not getting stuck with flow charts. A whiteboard or sticky notes bring the steps around easier but the start and the end must be identified first. Filling in the middle is far easier. Just get things down logically.

With the current state of things noted down, cross-verify with questions and see if you can identify any bottleneck; something thats eating up time unnecessarily and issues on transparency. Any unnecessary part must go for correctly mapping the process and collaborating on improvements.

Lastly, add an ECM/BPM software to the process. Enterprise Content Management and Lead Generation software create huge value when applied to a well-defined process by moving documents (for approval or delivery); or by notifying people about taking actions also when one is due (e.g. updating multiple systems real-time), make information instantly accessible, provide forms for data and for applying business logic to information flow.

Automate your workflow so that mundane matters can no more hold you down. Thoughts and actions are what you get when you leverage your Online Lead Generation with MarketingAcademy group.

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