byAlma Abell

The yard you’ve always dreamed of, with lush grass and beautiful, vibrant foliage doesn’t have to be just a dream; installing a sprinkler or irrigation system can make all the difference in the world. Making certain that your yard is receiving the right amount of water to keep it looking pristine can be as easy as contacting experts in irrigation systems in Wichita KS. Highly-trained, and experienced, as well as licensed, insured, and bonded, these irrigation specialists can come to your home and do an inspection of your property. Then they can offer you a consultation where they lay out their plans for giving your yard a new look. Free estimates are all part of the professional services provided by these experts.


Being able to entertain friends and family in a beautifully-maintained outdoor setting is a wonderful feeling, and when you install an efficient, affordable sprinkler system, you can take advantage of a number of features that go along with it; annual maintenance including Spring startup and winterization, mid-season controller and head adjustment, knowledgeable staff in case you have any questions or problems through the year, and of course the fully-loaded sprinkler system itself, with rain sensor and pressure regulating heads.

Proper repair and maintenance will keep your irrigation or sprinkler system operating at its peak for years to come. The professionals in Irrigation Systems in Wichita, KS can offer you products and services to ensure that your system stays in great shape. Products for off-season storage of sprinkler elements can protect them from the harsh weather until you are ready to begin a new season. Repairs can cover anything from minor leaks to complete replacement. If you should decide to make some changes in your overall landscaping plans, these experts can help you with a system rework. By that time you may even be ready for a system upgrade and they will work with you on that project, as well.

rain link inc. has the experience, the expertise, and the highly-trained staff to handle any sprinkler or irrigation requests you may have, and they can make the price appealing too. You’ve waited long enough for that ideal dream yard; let these professionals make those dreams come true.

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