Best Restaurants To Visit In Rhodes, Greece


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The variety of restaurants in Rhodes makes it a worthy place for all those who want to enjoy delicious cuisines during their Rhodes holidays . Below are some of the must visit restaurants in Rhodes that one should not miss to visit during Rhodes holidays :

Red restaurant:

Red Restaurant is a popular restaurant of Rhodes that is located in the epicenter of its town. It was inaugurated in May 2005, with the purpose of serving best food to tourists at reasonable prices . The name of the restaurant Red Restaurant signifies that its interior is of red color.

The specialty of Red restaurant includes home-made desserts. These are so delicious that once you eat them you will never forget its taste. Mediterranean recipes from Italy and Greece are the ones that make them quite unique . In addition to this you will also find some classical dishes such as fillets served with delicious sauces and juicy T-bone steaks. Your visit to this place will make you enjoy every bit of your thrilling visit to Rhodes during Rhodes holidays.


Romeo Garden:

Old town of Rhodes houses a famous restaurant named as Romeo Restaurant. This restaurant has a history of about 500 years old. It makes visitors to have knowledge of the culture of Greece and medieval ages.

Old traditions and delicious cuisines offered by this restaurant make it popular among the tourists . However, excellent services, hospitality of the staff, huge gardens with beautiful flowers and a pleasant atmosphere are the hallmarks of this restaurant. Romeo restaurant offers live music with Bouzouki and guitar that makes you enjoy each and every moment of your visit to this restaurant during Rhodes holidays.

Rustico Restaurant:

Rustico restaurant is located between the noble houses on stone-street, in the old town of Rhodes. It is one of the traditional restaurants in Rhodes that offer its visitors with delicious cuisines and a refined taste. Kleftiko is one of their special dishes. Having been cooked with lamb and vegetables in wine-sauce, it is the traditional Greek cuisine offered by this restaurant. They not only provide you with delicious cuisines but its peaceful atmosphere will make you enjoy every moment of your Rhodes holidays.

Aigaio Orizontas Restaurant:

The Aigaio Orizontas Restaurant is situated in Psinthos, Rhodes. Even though this region is not that much famous among visitors but it do attract people because of the great food of this restaurant.

Fireplace present in the restaurant makes you enjoy the real essence of your visit to this restaurant during Rhodes holidays. During cold nights it is preferred to sit near fireplace as it will keep you warm. Sitting at the top of the mountain in summers will not only make you have a clear sea view but you can also enjoy your lunch or dinner in a better way.

Their menu constitute of veal/cock with spaghetti/pligouri cheese, aubergine, fresh haslets and tigania. In order to make your Rhodes holidays memorable for you it is suggested that you must visit this place.

You can enjoy your

Rhodes holidays

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