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Benefits of the Weathermatic Smartline SL4800 Controller


Richard Gilliland

The Weathermatic Smartline SL4800 Controller is a product of smart irrigation. This system analyzes surrounding data from plant material, weather and other site data. Therefore, this smart system can determine when it is appropriate to begin irrigation and when it is time to stop. With new high-tech sensors the system can also determine when it is necessary to temporarily stop the irrigation process. The Weathermatic Smartline SL4800 Controller is a twelve-zone base model which can be expanded to 48 zones using an SLM12 twelve-zone module. The system can work indoors or outdoors and has won the Weathermatic company numerous awards and distinctions of honor.

The Weathermatic Smartline SL4800 Controller is the company s professional line of product, it being far more powerful and expandable than other series like the SL800 or SL1600. Smart irrigation may indeed be fascinating to look at. Hey, remember when Rosie the Robot Maid used to do all of the Jetsons chores? Robotics is fun, right? However, the question is, how is this service actually useful? Especially considering that most of these models sell for a few hundred dollars brand new?

The Weathermatic Smartline SL4800 Controller is all about timing, water usage and money. Why is timing important? You well know that your time is valuable. Many hours can be spent outside tending to a lawn or garden, and in the summer or winter season, every half hour spent in extreme temperature is critical. Homeowners and business owners are always on the look out for a more efficient and effective style of water management.


The primary reason why the Weathermatic Smartline SL4800 Controller is valuable is because it can help you reduce water usage. Excessive water usage is a problem locally and environmentally on a much larger scale. The point is, using water for irrigation is not what causes this excess. It s all the water that you don t need, but that flows anyway, that is causing the problem. Property owners who use the Weathermatic Smartline SL4800 Controller have reported cutting down 20-50% of their water usage. In addition, the less excessive water is produced, the less runoff (contaminated water resulting from excessive flow) there is to worry about.

Perhaps the most important issue regarding the Smartline SL4800 is that of money. Now that got your attention! Saving money is very important in this day and age. You know how much you probably spend on excessive water due to amateur irrigation methods? It may not look like much at first, probably only reaching a few dollars a month. However, over the course of a year (especially if you have a business or large property) this minimal cost can multiply into hundreds of dollars a year.

The Weathermatic Smartline SL4800 Controller is one of the best buys you can make if you re trying to think smart and economic. Many customers state that they have already paid for the system by saving money on their water bill for a few months. There isn t a long list of benefits for the Smartline SL4800 system but the three benefits it provides are very exciting indeed.

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