Acne is a very common condition of the skin especially during adolescence. 4 out of 5 teenagers has or had experienced having acne. Acne can appear as blackheads or whiteheads at first then it start to become red and it then becomes a pimple. The acne can become severe where about 70% of the facial skin is covered by it. And it can not just be found on the face but it is also commonly found on the back, chest and shoulders.

The remedy for acne can be found at your home. You dont really need to spend a lot of money buying those expensive products as there are natural acne treatments as well, although this is true that there are some very effective products out there. Natural remedies are gaining more popularity as more people get scared of using too much chemicals on their body.

The best of all natural cleanser is clean water. Yes, water helps your body to eliminate toxins. People often neglect the importance of water but if you drink plenty of water everyday, you will not only have better looking skin but you would be healthier too. Water can not be replicated by other drinks with its cleansing properties so try to drink at least 6 glasses of pure water every day and you will surely be amazed at how it gets rid of your acne.


Here are other natural acne treatments that you can try. They can work wonders !

  • Apply cooked oatmeal on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes then wash.
  • Garlic cloves can be used by rubbing it to your acne a few times a day.
  • Avocado can also be applied like a facial mask.
  • Rub tea tree oil on the affected area.
  • Use rose water and add the same amount of lemon juice. Rub it on your face and let it sit for 30 minutes. Do this every day for 15 days !

These are just few tips if you want to go natural and not spend money on specific acne treatments. However, you may know that acne treatments containing only natural ingredients are also available on the market. You may decide to check some as they are gentle enough to most skin types and do not contain harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin. You can also opt for advanced formulas that combines scientifically researched compounds and natural ingredients to give you optimal results on your quest to get rid of acne.

Some treatments now actually include natural skin care supplements that balance your body from the inside to control hormonal levels among other internal issues, that could cause acne (it takes about two to three weeks for acne to become visible as a pimple at the surface of your skin, the process first occur inside).