The Reasons Why Every Company Needs A Marketing Technologist}

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There is a growing consensus that every company needs a marketing technologist in order to ensure that the success of their marketing efforts in the 21st century. This position was created due to the increasing use of digital marketing methods by businesses. With the rise of the Internet companies now have a wider range of marketing methods available to them apart from the traditional ones such as print and broadcast advertising and cold-calling. For example, a company can set up a Facebook page and use it to develop a relationship with its customers. Or they can use e-mail marketing to reach targeted leads who may be motivated enough to visit the company’s website and check out what it has to sell. And of course, they can place banner ads on websites and text ads on search engine results pages. Basically a marketing technologist shows a company how it can meet its marketing goals using digital technology.

What are the qualifications that a marketing technologist needs to have? Obviously, they should have a marketing background while still having a strong IT and engineering skills. A marketing technologist helps direct a company’s marketing efforts in coordination with both the IT and the marketing department. They should be able to combine a marketing vision with the technical skills to help achieve it.

Every company needs a marketing technologist because digital technology and marketing have become intertwined. One of the main jobs of the marketing technologist is to determine what type of digital marketing the company should use based on its marketing goals. In a typical organization, the chief marketing technologist generally reports to the Chief Marketing Officer rather than the Chief Information Office. Thus, their skills should encompass not just marketing knowhow but also IT savvy. A marketing technologist helps the CMO translate his marketing strategy into the required technology that best helps achieve it.

Another reason why every company needs a marketing technologist is to help them monitor the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. One way a marketing technologist does this is by analyzing the web analytics that provide detailed data on visitor usage, including how many unique IPs are visiting the company site, how many views each page has and the date and time they were visited, and even what country the visitor comes from. The marketing technology not only ensures that the analytics code works properly but also that it is well integrated with other marketing technologies. And of course, they will help deal with technology vendors to determine the most appropriate software the company needs to have for its marketing goals.

Finally, every company needs a marketing technologist simply to ensure that they are effectively using digital technology in their marketing. Since digital marketing is still relatively new, there may still be resistance to it from old time marketers who are still attached to traditional methods. A marketing technology can ensure that digital technology becomes part of the DNA of a company by hiring marketing candidates who are also familiar and comfortable with technology as well as arranging for existing marketing staff to undertake technology training.

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