Marine Battery Boxes Installation Of A Battery Box

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A battery box is an important item to your boats electrical system. Marine battery boxes help keep your battery protected from water and other debris. Battery boxes also help contain dangerous battery acid that can come out of the battery during battery charging and discharging. But, there is a very important feature that is used seldom, but can be esstential to survival and a function that is often negated by incorrect installation.

Marine Battery Boxes are designed to protect the battery from salt water in the event of a dunking. During an emergency, you could need the battery to get an engine started or maintain a bilge pump so you don’t want salt water shorting it out. This function is achieved by having a bubble of air trapped under the Battery Box lid. If it remains reasonably horizontal, it will also prevent water ingress to the box itself as the bubble extends down below the lip of the box. So in view of this desired function, always make the electrical connections with the wire coming vertically through the cable entry through holes provided in the lid of the Battery Box.

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It is never a good idea to drill any holes into any Battery Box. Make sure the Battery Box you purchase has external mounting feet in order to avoid drilling and the potential dangers. Avoid purchasing any battery box that knock-out holes. Make sure the Battery Box is made from a durable plastic material as it will have better chemical resistance properties than wood or fiberglass. Choosing the wrong Battery Box and installing it improperly could lead to trouble down the road.

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