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By Christina Xia

The disaster also had to face the crisis of the Hungarian economy has brought new problems.

Hungary to save the hair Ercao r., the most important task is to reduce the amount of alkali water. From 5 to 8, in order to protect the water quality of river Mao Ercao Seoul, the authorities threw in the river has 4,000 tons of plaster, and another 8,000 tons of gypsum is in transit. Parts of the disaster also caused serious pollution of the soil. Chemical deposits on the residents in the direct harmful effects, the experts suggest that local residents not to eat their own food grown within the compound. It is reported that the scope of this ecological disaster is 800 ha -1 000 hectares of soil have to be replaced to raise a lot of money.

In addition, another leak in the face of the crisis, the government also needs funds in full swing Buxiu. In compensation, the accident is not over yet, funding is also difficult to estimate; accident company must bear the loss, but if the company lacks the necessary funds, the government can not sit idly by. A government official said the Hungarian government will ensure that compensation funds, if necessary, may seek assistance from the European Union.

Hungary suffered a serious setback in the financial crisis, debt crisis is still deeply troubled. After the financial crisis, Hungary was the first application in the Eastern European countries for international assistance. To help Hungary cope with the financial crisis, in October 2008, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the World Bank decided to join forces to Hungary for a total of 200 million euros in standby loans.


However, Hungary’s budget deficit because they do not agree with the control plan, IM F and the European Union in July 17 review of Hungary have announced a freeze on applications for loan assistance. Under the loan agreement, Hungary will be committed to this year’s budget deficit to GDP ratio decreased to 3.8%.

Hungary, emigrated to the U.S. “financial giant,” Soros has already said in a statement through the media in Hungary, founded by his foundation will donate $ 1,000,000 for Hungary after the incident of toxic waste water treatment and reconstruction. Soros said: “I hope that the Hungarian Prime Minister Orban should request contributions to those funds which can bring the victims of this unfortunate incident some comfort.” He also said that Hungary must implement defensive measures to ensure that the future is not recurrence of such incidents.

Those funds allocated to the Soros Foundation, founded to respond to emergencies, the funds for assistance to Hungary by the economic crisis of the European countries.

Hungary hopes the accident will not cause too much impact on tourism. Hungarian officials said in a statement, Hungary is safe, in western Hungary, the toxic waste spill occurred not to harm tourists in Hungary.

Said in a statement, site of the incident in the capital, 160 kilometers west of Budapest, near the area Ajka only affect the region. Most tourists to the destination in Hungary for the Budapest and the southern city of Pec, etc., these areas have not been affected aluminum toxic waste spill. Including the airport, accommodation, catering services, including the tourist reception agencies are still operating as usual, all the tourism infrastructure were not affected.

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