byAlma Abell

Mobility tends to have a huge impact on a person’s life. When that mobility is hindered in any way, there are medical devices that can work to restore at least a portion of a person’s ability to move around. For Wheelchairs in New London CT, it is important to shop around, look at all of the various benefits, and choose a chair that works best for the specific situation. Here are several things to look for when checking out the possibilities.

Talk to a Health Care Provider

For those new to wheelchairs in New London CT, it is important to talk to a physician to learn about their specific needs. For some, a manual wheelchair is the best option. It allows a person to move his or herself to different places without the assistance of someone else. The ability to self propel provides an extra measure of freedom, however it also has its own limitations as far as a person’s strength and endurance when it comes to extensive distances. On the other hand, someone wanting increased mobility can take advantage of power-assisted wheelchairs.

Decide on Important Features

Even after choosing a general mobility assistance device, there are still other specifics that need to be considered before purchasing a wheelchair. If the wheelchair is going to be used at home, it may need to have different features than one that provides mobility in an alternate location. Even the type of transportation available to a person will affect the features and type of wheelchair that he or she selects.

Research Different Models

After choosing the type of wheelchair and the necessary features, many people are surprised to learn that there are various brands and models that offer similar things. This means that much like buying a car, it is possible to shop around. This is a great time to consider the price of the model, the warranty it includes and even how satisfied others are with their purchases. Questions about whether or not the wheelchair folds up for easy transportation in a vehicle and similar concerns should be asked now to help solidify the decision on which wheelchair offers the best option for a person’s specific situation.