Glass Door Knobs Light Up Your Doors

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By Jesse Akre

Whether you are a lover of antiques or you just want to have a little extra class in your living space, glass door knobs are a natural choice for your home.

Just looking at them, you can see the elegance glass door knobs will bring to a room in your home. It is far beyond what metal knobs can do for your decor. The cut of the glass often has them resemble a piece of crystal that has been lovingly created as an article of beauty. Others look like gemstones that have been carefully plucked from the rough.

As soon as light hits glass door knobs, they offer a dazzling display as the light skips around inside the cuts of glass and creates its own light show.

Whether you have an old home you are trying to restore to its former beauty, or are trying to add a little history to your newer home or just have a love for anything antique, you can’t go wrong adding glass door knobs to the picture.

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The first decision you will have to make is where to put glass door knobs in your home.

You want these to be special, so they should not be on every room of your home. Additionally, not every door in your home will be a good fit for glass door knobs. While glass door knobs are beautiful, they are also a bit more fragile than regular knobs. That means they should not be installed where they are likely to be abused or banged around a lot. Kids’ rooms and very high traffic doors should be ruled out. Choose a room or two where the doors are often open, or usually remain closed, and the glass door knobs will really be able to shine.

Also, you may not want to have all your glass door knobs look the same. Variety is the spice of life, after all. There are plenty of glass door knobs to allow you as much variety as you would like in this arena from those that look like cut clear crystal to rounded colored glass and even those with designs created in the middle of the knob. Only your willingness to shop around will limit what you can find.

An important note when working with glass door knobs is that they are not meant to be put on exterior doors. There are a few reasons for this. First, glass door knobs are fragile. The elements of the outdoors, such as extreme temperatures, can weaken the glass and even cause it to crack or break over time. Additionally, you want to avoid glass door knobs on exterior doors for safety reasons. Being easy to break, someone could more easily get to the base mechanism of glass door knobs and may be more easily able to gain entry into your home.

There is no reason not to enjoy the beauty of glass door knobs. These pieces of art can be a perfect accent to your home and help create a classically sophisticated feeling in any room.

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